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Resistor 50w 3e9

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These wirewound 50W resistors can handle continuous high power dissipation in a compact size. The resistor is moulded in an anodized aluminium heat sink for maximum heat dissipation.

-applications: instrumentation, TV's and audio systems, video recorders, computers, ...

-resistance: 3.9 ohm
- Power: 50W
- Resistance tolerance: ± 5%
- Temperature coefficient: ± 200ppm/°C
- Load: delta R/R < ±1% + 0.05 ohms (surface temperature rise 350°C max.)
- Short-time overload: delta R/R < ±2% + 0.05 ohms (100% rated power 5s)
- Insulation resistance: 500VDC / min. 100M ohms
- Dielectric withstanding voltage: 3000VAC, 60s

Barcode: 5410329382704

Weight: 30 g

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GLS used about a week to deliver from Netherland to Denmark. The return from PayPal to completion of the order didn't work until the day after. Otherwise OK!

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