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Headset Microphone for Use with Micw43 - Black

€42,95 (€35,50 excl. VAT)
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In Stock: 29 piece (Last Updated: 06-02-2018)
Usually ships in: 2 - 5 d
- For use with: MICW43, MICW42-2

-directivity: omnidirectional
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
- Sensitivity (1kHz): -45dB
- Weight: 16g

Barcode: 5410329413095

Weight: 105 g

Package: Box (Carton)

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What our customers say

Lars Kristian Kristensen said:

Very long delivery-time.

Fabio Reale said:

The price is good. The delivery was ok but it took a while and was quite expensive to Sicily. The lamp is the expected one, to be checked when it will be mounted in the swimming pool.

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