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6-channel Dimmer Pack, 20a/channel

€700,95 (€579,30 excl. VAT)
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In Stock: 1 piece (Last Updated: 19-04-2018)
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-6 dimming channels
- Auto tracking of frequency and phase
- Temperature control system: the fan starts automatically when the temperature exceeds 35°C
- Auto tracking of frequency: keeps the dimming output stable on different frequencies
- Testing function: a test can be performed without connecting a console
- Warm-up function to protect the loads: warm-up setting 0---6.0%
- Output: maximal output is 20A per channel
- DMX signal output/ input: DMX512 / 1990
- DMX signal connector: XLR 5 pins, RJ11-6P4C phone jack
- Analogue signal power input: DC 0-10V
- Analogue input channel: 9 channels (PIN 1~6 : CH1~6, PIN 7 : NC, PIN 8 : V+12V OUT, PIN 9 : GND)
- Analogue signal connector: 9-pin D-type plug (F)
- Location: standard 19" 2U rack

-power supply: AC 100-240V, 45-63Hz, 3Ø4W, 1Ø2W (LPTDX626/SP1)
- Dimensions: 19" x 88mm (2U) x 300mm
- Weight: 8kg

Barcode: 4716977227802

Weight: 10350 g

Package: Box (Carton)

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