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Extra Transmitter for Weather Station - 868mhz

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In Stock: Out of Stock (Last Updated: 06-02-2018)
It will be available again on: 12-01-2018
-transmits temperature
- Display shows temperature
- Spare sensor for:
- WS9130
- WS9611
- WS9632
- WS9635
- WC6118W
- WS9723
- WS9135
- WC8167

-transmission frequency: 868MHz with IT+ technology
- Transmission distance: ± 100m (in open field)
- Power supply: 2 x AA batteries, IEC LR6, 1.5V (LR6C, not incl.)
- Dimensions: 38.2 x 21.2 x 128.3mm
- Weight: ±50g

Barcode: 3700123861294

Weight: 82 g

Package: Box (Carton)

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Juhani Härkönen said:

Hello! Thak you for the Welleman display clock! It is right, but it is really brilliant; is it possible get little dim/turn down the lights? Our bedroom is really bright! Best regards, Juhani Härkönen

Frans Seegers said:

Zeer te vreden over geleverde producten en snelle levering is een plus.

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